These are what you need to make new panel line at your kit. A knife and a needle, any needle works. Pick one which is comfortable to hold

First , draw the panel line use marker or anything else

Slice the part followong the pattern. Make sure the channel is deep enough.

Make it deeper using needle. Move following the number. It is important to prevent the edge change into curvy.Sand it using 400 and then 1000

Make it deeper once again, this is to remove the dust from sanding, or you can use toothbrush

It’s done. I usually use scribber, it’s much more comfortable. The different between needle and scribber, is scribber more comforatable to use. Both have the same result , it’s depend on your patience. Panel lining is all about patience.

There is another method which  using dymo tape . I will make another tutorial for that


This tutorial is provided by 59 garage