Prof. Layton here, back with more tutorial! Today I will discuss hobby materials that can be used to scratch build some parts or just add a few things to your plamo to make it more awesome.

1-3. Pla plate

Basically it is a piece of plastic plate. It comes in different thickness, from 0.4 to 1.7mm. There are also 2 variant: transparent and white. Usually the dimension is roughly the same as an A4 paper.

Tamiya is not the only producer. Pla-plates from other company (for instances Evergreen) also comes with a specialized surface pattern.

There are also variant of pla-plate than can bend and shaped when heated. This type of pla plate often used to create a curved surface. You can either use a special hobby heater or just your plain old hair dryer.

WARNING: Not all pla plate can be shaped. Just to be safe, it would be best to use pla plate that is intended to be used this way instead of trying on your regular pla-plate.

4. Pla Beam

Plastic beam is a narrow strip of plastic with various cross section shapes and diameter. The most common used are round are square type of pla beam. Pla beam is also useful to provide inner frame of your scratch-built parts to make it more sturdy.

Some pla-beams can even have a “H” shape cross section (usually known as I-beam.

Both of these materials have been around for some time and often used by people in interior and exterior design and also architecture major. They often use this to make a mock up, which is basically a diorama.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to create wonderful part and modify your kit to make it even more awesome.

Here’s an example of what you can do with pla-plate and pla-beams.

Draw the “pattern” on to your pla-plate.

Cut out the pla-plate (be sure to follow the line you just draw)

Glue it all together

This is the end result.

Hope this gives you idea and inspiration to create amazing plamo parts!