My latest work. I wanted to mod-build Banshee Norn, but didn’t want to scratch build too much. I figure I’ll scracth build some connectors and re-use parts from HG 1/144 Banshee Norn. That way the shield and back pack are interchangeable.

I also got the Banshee Head Stand and thought it blend nicely with the kit as well.

Similar to the Unicorn head stand, Banshee head stand is pretty spectacular. Unlike it’s predecessor, Banshee comes in 2 colored runner. You still have to do some painting, but definitely an improvement.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the result. The only small problem is with some scratches at the back of the head. Not sure how it got there but too lazy to redo the whole head.

I also used the stickers that come with the kit. Overall, they look very decent. I didn’t want to go overboard with the stickers/decal as IMHO Banshee’s look is already complex.

Comments and feedback are always welcomed. We also have a discussion thread over here. Feel free to stop by and contribute to the conversation.

Like the usual, Bandai’s SD kit still have some hollow part, but overall not too bad.

I modify the rifle from regular to NORN style. Both SD and HG 1/144 does require some painting to make it presentable.