SD eXp

SD Unicorn Gundam Banshee Norn

Modeled by Erlangshen

Howdy! This is the second component to my planned diorama. Today, I’ll be reviewing SD Unicorn Gundam Banshee Norn.

DSC00347_resizePersonally, I am a big fan of Banshee Norn design. I thin dark blue on gold works beautifully. While I like SD Full Armor Unicorn Gundam as a kit, design-wise, it is a bit too bulky and awkward. Banshee Norn, on the other hand looks sharp and agile.

DSC00348_resizeDSC00349_resizeBanshee Norn Destroy Mode in flight

DSC00350_resizeAs a plamo kit, however, there’s a drawback to this kit. The kit does not include the standard armamaent of Banshee, i.e. it does not include Armed Armor VN  and Armed Armor BS unit.

DSC00351_resizeDSC00352_resizeOriginally, this is what a SD Banshee looks like. There’s not much difference in terms of the basic kit. The Armed Armor DE and the Armed Armor XC components connect to the backpack via existing holes and a connector part.

DSC00353_resizeDSC00354_resizeThis is what you get in the Banshee Norn kit. Besides the basic kit and Armed Armor DE and the Armed Armor XC components, you also get the revolving launcher for the beam rifle.

DSC00355_resize DSC00357_resizeSD Gundam Unicorn Banshee Norn Unicorn Mode in Flight Mode

DSC00358_resizeIt is also compatible with the weapons from SD Full Armor Unicorn.

DSC00359_resizeHere’s a comparison with SD Full Armor Unicorn Gundam.

IMG_20140712_165158_resizeLike SD FA Unicorn, not a lot of hollow parts that needs to be filled. Still a few components needs to be painted to look decent though.

IMG_20140719_073251_resizeHere’s also another major difference between SD Banshee and SD Banshee Norn. The elbow now has joint (this trend started on SD FA Unicorn, see my review by clicking here). The parts on the left is from Banshee Norn while the ones on the right are from the original SD Banshee.

IMG_20140719_074930_resizeTragedy also happened as one of the shield parts broke Y____Y. Luckily, I still have a spare from the original SD Banshee kit.

DSC00360_resizePosing with the Banshee bust.

Overall, I like this kit a lot. There’s a bit of drawback as Bandai did not include runner for the optional weapons, so if you’re really a fan, you may need to buy both the regular version and the Banshee Norn version. Unlike SD FA Unicorn, the basic kit is 100% the same (where as SD FA Unicorn has different color psycho frame). Bandai has made some improvement to the design by having elbow joint, whereas earlier SD Unicorn kit did not have it.

Next up, will be the SD Neo Zeong to complete the trilogy. Stay tuned, folks!