SD eXp

SD Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

Modeled by Erlangshen

Howdy! It’s been a while since my last review. Today, I’ll be reviewing SD Full Armor Unicorn Gundam.


DSC00326_resizeIf you did not buy SD Unicorn Gundam and a fan of either the anime or just a fan of SD plamo in general, this kit is  a must-have. The sheer number of weapons alone made this kit very worthwhile.


DSC00329_resizeEach weapon can be used separately, which makes this kit highly interesting to photograph in different pose with different weapons.

DSC00330_resizeDSC00331_resizeSimilar to the previous SD kit, this one is transformable to “Destroy” mode, with green psycho frame instead of red, which in the Anime, is explained as Banagher gained better newtype skill.


DSC00333_resizeI also equipped my kit with the 1/144 Hyper Javelin Beam that I got from Gundam UC Ace.

DSC00334_resizeDSC00335_resizeHere’s a comparison between the original SD kit and the Full Armor version of the base plamo. Other than the difference between red and green psycho frame, the updated base plamo also has elbow joint articulation.


DSC00337_resizeHave I mentioned how photogenic this kit is? 🙂

DSC00338_resizeLike any modern SD kit from Bandai (and even some from Kotobukiya), there’s a connector at the base of the crotch area that we can connect to plamo stand like the Unicorn head base.

IMG_20140622_073349There are still a few hollow parts that might need to be filled, if you are a more serious modeler. I used Epoxy Putty to filled mine.

IMG_20140624_204818There are also a few parts that still require painting to make it more similar to the colors depicted in the anime.

But overall, this kit is definitely very interesting and worth to be part of your collection.

I’ve also purchased SD Banshee Norn and SD Neo Zeong, which I plan to assemble next. Hopefully, I can build an SD diorama depicting the final battle between the 3 MS.