SD eXp

NXEDGE STYLE Gundam Astray
Blue Frame & Gold Frame

Reviewed by Erlangshen

Howdy, everyone! I am deviating a bit and will provide review for this NXEDGE STYLE figure.

astray-002_resizeI was originally planning to build the blue frame from EX-Standard kit.

astray-003_resizeA while back, I actually scratch-built the Tactical Arm for SD Astray Red Frame (you can still view it at gunjap).

astray-004_resizeAfter some consideration, I decided to buy this figure so I can study the tactical arm so I can build my SD Tactical Arm for Red Frame (which I build with EX-Standard kit and can be viewed here) version 2.


astray-006_resizeUnlike most SD plamo kit, NXEDGE STYLE comes with bendable knees.

astray-007_resizeIn truth, I was slightly disappointed as it seems there are still some parts that needs more paint. NXEDGE STYLE figure feels more like a super-poseable converge figure.

astray-008_resizeOriginally, I was more interested with Gold Frame, which is why I got it first.

astray-009_resizeUnfortunately, there’s not a lot of gimmick for the gold frame.

astray-010_resizeThat being said, I still like it as I am a big fan Gundam SEED Astray.


astray-012_resizeOverall, both kit are pretty decent. They both are very super-poseable with blue frame having more gimmick with transformable Tactical Arm, which I can study to scratch build an SD Tactical Arm Mark 2 for my SD Astray Red Frame plamo kit.