Now i will introduce what i usually use for painting my Gundam model kits. For you who confuse how to paint gundam, the first step you should know is what type of paint do you want to use. Now there are basically three types of paints i use regularly.

First is Enamel Paint.

Gundam Paint - Tamiya Enamel Paint n Thinner 01.jpg

Enamel paint is good for painting small details or engraving like chest part in master grade sinanju, enamel paint however is not really good at painting large part such as legs, arms and whole head/body.

For disolving enamel paint, you need enamel thinner (picture above). You only need a small amount of enamel thinner to disolve the paint.

Now the good side for enamel paint that it’s very easy to use for brushing, yet the weakness is that enamel paint dry very slow and easily scratched.

Next type of paint is Acrylic paint.

Gundam Paint - Tamiya Acrylic Paint n Thinner.jpg

Now this one is a favorite of mine to paint my Gundam model kits. Acrylic paint is water based paint that dries quickly and very easy to use with airbrush. It is not very good to use with handbrush.

I personally use Tamiya Acrylic paint to brush most of my gundam kit nowadays. The texture are smooth, the color is good, and there’s no strong chemical smell when used and the main benefit is that acrylic paint is easily disolved by alcohol 95%, you don’t need to buy expensive thinner to use acrylic paint.

The weakness is obvious, compared to the laquer based paint, Acrylic paint is fairly weak and easily scratched. That’s why i use TOP COAT after painting with my acrylic paint (picture below)

Gundam Paint - Mr Hobby Top Coat Semi Gloss.jpg

Now this top coat is used after you finish all your work, the main purpose of this topcoat is to give one strong layer to your paint job. This top coat is laquer based (the strongest type of paint). How to use it? just spray all over your finished Gundam model and you’re done.

There are many types for this top coat, gloss, semi gloss, flat and others. Choose which one do you like the most.

Last but not least, Laquer Paint.

Gundam Paint - Mr Color Laquer Paint n Thinner.jpg

Laquer paint is the strongest paint and the most popular paint used for painting gundam model kits. You need airbrush and laquer thinner (picture above) to use these paints. The advantage of laquer paint is that laquer paint dry quickly, has a smooth texture, very strong and not easily scratched, easy to use and has a lot of beautiful color. My main problem with laquer paint is that this paint has a very strong chemical odor which i cannot stand. That is why i choose acrylic paints (I still love my lungs).


If you only want to add details and make your Gundam model kits box color accurate, use brush and enamel paint for the easiest way. but if you want total repaint, use laquer or acrylic paint with airbrush and enamel paint only for detailing.

That conclude my Gundam Model kits tutorial, See my other Gundam modeling tutorial here. ^^;