IMG_20140505_143748_resizeAre you interested in customizing Lego minifigures, but not sure where to start? Well, look no further. Hopefully this tutorial will set you on the right journey.

DSC07741_resizeI’ve customized a few lego minifigures lately. Customizing lego is a bit different from customizing plamo. Most of the time, it requires some part-bashing, like the example above, where I bashed Lego Padme Amidala lower half with Elrond’s hair part to create Lego Lady Galadriel.

IMG_20140504_153242_resizeLego ant-man requires very minimal modification. i.e. attaching antennae to the helmet. Otehr than that it’s just paint job and sticker/decal.

DSC08648_resizeThis is Lego Wasp (Janet Van Dyne version).

DSC07744_resizeThis is Lego Oliver Queen (from the hit TV series, Arrow)

IMG_20140504_153205_resizeYou can print your own cape too. I use the vampire cloak as a template with minor edits. I printed them with Laser print to have the best quality.

IMG_20140504_153135_resizeIf you don;t want to permanently customized, there’s also option of printing your own “tunic” for the minifigure to wear, like what I did for captain america. That way I can switch back and forth between regular mode and this mode.



This is how you put on the tunic to your minifigure.

 Here are some resources: