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Prof. Layton here! I am back again with a brand new review series, this time focusing on 1:144 model kits. And today we will be reviewing HGUC 1:144 MSN-06S Sinanju. A highly anticipated kit. A prototype unit developed by Anaheim Electronics as part of the E.F.S.F’s “UC Project”, its movable frame partly made from psycoframe materials, and the improved responsiveness and strength data obtained with this machine was later used to complete the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. Although the Sinanju was based on the MSN-04 Sazabi, it is not equipped with a psycommu system and features no Newtype-use weaponry such as funnels, challenging its existing design and basic performance as a mobile suit.

To compensate for this the Sinanju boasts high mobility and features large thrusters mounted in a wing-like arrangement on its back. Sporting multiple vernier thrusters throughout its frame, the unit is capable of pin point movement as well as navigating through debris with ease. Because it was created from the combat data taken from the Sinanju, the Unicorn Gundam is the equivalent of a “brother” unit to the Sinanju.


Its overwhelming combat ability and crimson body remind all those who see it of the legendary “Red Comet”.

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As a kit, this mecha is highly detailed with interesting gimmicks, but most importantly, the proportion of the kit itself is great. Yet, the sad thing is Bandai did not provide a lot of decal type detail for the kit, thus Erlangshen resorted to use custom “decal” for the kit. Erlangshen did not have the latest Sinanju official Bandai decal, so he used old type Zeon insginia instead, but in my opinion, it still works.




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Another drawback to the kit is that a lot of parts did not have detail on the inside, like the leg’s side booster, thus we may need to “fill” this in.

If you are thinking of painting, instead of using the default sticker, the gold lining can be a nightmare, even if you use airbrush or regular paint brush. I would recommend combining masking tape and paint brush to have better result.




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Articulation wise, Sinanju is pretty decent. Arms movement is more than sufficient. Waist cover did not at all impede any upper leg movement. The knee is also able to bend 180 degrees, but the way it is designed is not exactly “natural”.

Weapon and accessories are pretty awesome. Bandai is generous enough to provide 5 hands. Rifle can be mounted on the back or joint with the grenade launcher. Axe can be mounted on shield or held in hand seperately or together. In addition we also have 2 beam sabers.

Yet with its share of short-comings, Sinanju is still flying of the shelf as the over all look seems to make you forget all the hardship in building this kit. Besides, as a model kit builder, obstacles just means challenge and once you iovercome it, you are left with the feeling of staisfaction, having completed an awesome looking kit.

Prof. Layton Mystery Quiz: If the mecha code for Sinanju is MSN-06S, why does the decal said 10S?

Review by Professor Layton, Modeled by Erlangshen.

Source: Kaskus.