The owner of this blog ask me to paint his Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper as a commission Work

I’ll do this kit first and paint my RX-78-2 after this one is done.

Let’s build this fast! So, what iyou have to do to finish your kit fast?


1st Read the manual and check the  seamline


The seamline is no : 10, 11, 14 and 25

It’s really necessary to check the parts first when snapfit.  In a few cases like no 9 and 10, the manual said you have to G11 and G12  from rear side and then glue them [to remove the seamline]You will have  to mask the shoulder part when painting. Actually i  can do that with a different way . First you glue the G11 and G12 , then  paint the shoulder [9] part separately with G11 -- G12 . After painting and lining done,  i insert the 9, into the G11-G12. Why i can do that?  Check the female on the G11 and G12 , it’s shape is C not O, there is a hole to insert the 9, it was made by bandai so it will be strong enough to hold:).


Case no 14, about the D8 and E2, the manual said you have to insert the E2 into the PC 8 , put it into the G1 -G2 THEN glue it , the same thing thing with D8 You have to put it into G1 first and glue it. If you do these,you’ll have to mask the D8 and E2. I can do it in a different way,.

For the E2 part , actually you can put in the PC 8 into the G1 -- G3 first , then remove the seamline G1-G3, paint it, then put the E2 into the PC 8  from below, it’s a little hard, but it’s  possible.

About the D8 if you check the female in D8 , the male in G1 and G3 , the size of the hole , you can actually put D8 after you removed the seamline in G1 -G3 and paint it. The hole is a little bigger , i have test it, i can put it inside after i snapfit the G1-G3 . Remember when G1-G3  seamline is removed if you put D8  inside , you can’t removed it.

After checking the seamline , do the seamline part first, remember cement take almost 1 day to dry perfectly [actually faster but i prefer to wait for 1 day, just for sure]. Cement is making chemical reaction between part, the chemical reaction takes a long time to finish depend oh how much you pour into the kit , if you sand them when it’s not done, it will damage the part.

How to remove seamline?

I will use the extra thin cement.The part is no 25 the weapon.  First , snapfit the part , then put the cement on the seamline. After that push both part as hard as u can, using your hand . If the part is to big , do it a few times . Sample the part is so big and long so , i divided into 4 section [A,B,C,D] . First i put cement on A then i pushed it,then  i put cemen on the B and push it, do the same for C and D.

Why not put the cemen on the whole part and then pust it? Thin cement dried really fast when you done put them on the whole part, the first one already dried. Another reason is, when you push whole part , only the one you pushed is glued because you focus your power there , the rear isn’t . And when you push the rear, the cement  is already dried. When the cement is already dried , the seamline is not perfectly removed and you have to put some putty.

Then wait till the next day. After you have  glued all the part which has seamline., do the other part, cut and sand them but do not snapfit them, leave them separately by colour. After all of them were done ,Prime them and paint them, or you can wait till tomorrow and do it the together with the glued part.

On the next day, i will use modeller knife before sanding it. I put my modeller knife vertically and move it to the red arrow dirrection. Why i do this? the part is a rectangular shape, if you sanding too much it will turn the shape into oval on the corner.  If you do this, you’ll make the sanding process faster and keep the shape in rectangular. Why the direction is to right? Did you see the white circle part, if i do it to the left, my movement will be stuck by that. This one just my prefeference.

I use 2 grid of sandpaper , first the 400 next is 1000, I ususally fold my sandpaper like this when sanding.

This is how i sand, i push the rear side of the sandpaper which not touch the part. Why?  If i push in the middle and touch the part, my power will focus there , sometimes it’s able to change the shape of the part like change it into oval.

You can do this in both direction,  for the 400 do it around 4-10 times and for the 1000 do it 3- 5 times , actually it’s different in every case.

It’s done , the seamline is completely removed, u can test it using your nail on the seamline.