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Hi, I’m redmage20386 and I’m from Indonesia. I’m a guy with a lot of passion for Gundam model kits, Kotobukiya and other action figures such as SIC, S.H.Figuarts and many others. My personal favorite is Gundam and Kamen Rider related stuff.

Second Writer for this blog is Markuri, an occasional gamer, mild otaku and a Gunpla addict is assisting this blog with me from a land far-far away.

Erlangshen is our Third Writer and a Super Deformer or Chibi otaku. He will share his writing with the adorable Prof. Layton.

Gravestone is our Fourth Writer, a mecha otaku who develop a love for sniper rifles and machine gun, he is a great force for GundamModelkits.com writer.

Vixion is our Fifth writer, Modeler and a PVC Figurine collector, we hope he share his awesome work for all of us.

This blog will be updated daily to provide you with the most interesting news related to Gundam, Kamen Rider and other Figures

If you want to be a writer or contribute, email us at .