Herocross Hybrid Metal Figuration Batman image 1

“He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”
HMF#026 Batman features the Batsuit of The Dark Knight (2008) / The Dark Knight Rises (2012) movie design and perfectly recreating the complex details on the armor.

To bring the criminal to justice, Batman is equipped with Batarang, Grapnel Gun and Electric Gun, he can also be switched to the light up “sonar-vision” mode in the 2008 movie.

The figure also comes with a highly detailed Light up Bat-Signal, designed to project the Bat emblem.
Price: USD115 / HKD898
Release date: 2015 Q3
Height: ~14cm
Weight: ~175g for the figure with accessories / ~180 for the Bat-signal
Pre-order Available
-- Complete with Light up Bat-Signal (Able to project the Bat emblem)
-- Complete with Batarang, Grapnel Gun and Electric Gun
-- 2 Interchangeable faces (One with eyes and one with light up Bat-Sonar lenses)
-- 7 Interchangeable Hands